A woman was rescued by brave bystanders after she fell on hot coals during a fire-walking ritual.

As the woman ran barefoot on the burning embers, she tripped on her saree and fell down.

A few men, who were in the vicinity rushed to help, and pulled her out quickly preventing a major mishap. She was taken to a hospital and treated for minor burns.

The incident took place at Bagalgunte village on the outskirts of Bangalore, India, on October 15.

A local resident Namitha Gowda said a similar mishap had occurred two years ago. “A woman had fallen down during the ritual and had been saved in the same way. Wearing a saree and fire walking is a bad idea,” she said.

Bagalgunte village holds an annual religious fair in honour of a local goddess and fire-walking is a highlight of the event.

Many devotees take vow to walk on fire to appease the goddess. They run over a bed of hot coals, which is prepared by burning wood.

As the devotees run fast the water on their bare-feet vapourises to form a protective layer shielding their skin. The coal or wood embers, which are used in fire-walking, also have a low capacity to conduct heat.

But the faithful believe that it is the goddess who ensures that they do not get burned during the ritual.

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