How to work from Home or anywhere in the World 

  You may have heard about working from home from friends or family, or even online. Working from home may mean that you work as a full-benefited employee for an employer who allows you to maintain a home office, or it might mean that you work as a freelance contractor. Either way, it requires that you work from home – whether the office consists of a laptop in your lap or you have a full-blown office in your home. You don’t have to go into an office at a different location.

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Many people today are able to work from home because of internet technology and the ability to connect to people and software in the cloud. The cloud isn’t really a true cloud or even up in the sky. It is actually a network of many computers in warehouses all over the world that store and allows access to information. This technology makes it possible to work from almost any location as long as you have the internet.

Some people think that the idea of working from home is a scam. However, while there are scams out there, it is possible to work from home and earn a full-time living if you set your mind to it. You just have to understand what it means, including the benefits and responsibilities of working from home.

What Does It Mean to Work from Home?

Most of the time working from home means that you work as either an employee or a contractor for various businesses, but you do it all from your home location. In addition, you can run a business from home. Most of this report will focus on working for other people as a contractor or employee, using your home as your office.

There are many types of businesses that hire home-based workers and contractors. Business owners need services performed remotely, using the internet as the means to communicate with and deliver work to a client. This could be clerical work, graphic design, writing, marketing or other services for a client. You can do anything from home these days if you can figure out the technology. As long as it doesn’t require your physical presence to complete the tasks, there is likely someone doing it from their home office.

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Many companies like hiring people who use their own office as the home base. One reason for this is that the company can expand and contract their workforce easily as they need to. Another reason is that they can invest less in the infrastructure required to have a large, permanent workforce. Finally, in the case of hiring contractors they can save money on benefits too.

The types of jobs you can get from home vary. You can find marketing, database administrator, IT, inbound and outbound telemarketing positions and much more. You may be reading this right now and realize that you can do your current job from any location. If that’s the case, you may be able to convince your boss to allow you to work from home. You just have to know how to present the opportunity.

Do You Have What It Takes to Work from Home?

Before you decide to work from home you should understand some of what it takes to make it successful. It’s not all completely wonderful, but for many it’s a dream come true. There are specific traits a person who works from home should have. While working from home offers many people an opportunity to earn an income when they might not otherwise be able to, or to earn it in a way that makes them happy, not everyone is cut out for it. Earn Real Cash Doing What You Like To Do!

  • Technical Skills – Today, to work from home you are going to need some technology-focused skills so that you can understand how to upload, download and use the software needed to perform the work that you need to do.
  • Many Capabilities – No one will come down to your office to fix your computer, the printer, or anything at all. You’ll need to have a lot of different skills to enable you to work independently without having to call on people to do things for you. If you are uncomfortable doing that, working from home might not be for you.
  • Self-Motivated and Disciplined – You’ll need the ability to set your own schedule and the motivation to stick to it once you set it. If you are easily distracted by other things and you cannot motivate yourself to stick to your work so that you can earn a living, you will not do very well at home.
  • Able to Set SMART Goals – Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-focused goals are needed to work from home and get things done in a reasonable time frame needed to earn a living. If you are not able to set goals for yourself, you may not be able to work from home. This is because even though you have a flexible schedule, you still have deliverables and income needs to consider.
  • Tremendous Self-Confidence – Working from home requires a lot of confidence because often times you’re not going to get the pats on the backs and “atta-boys” that you do in a work environment. You need to have an inner confidence that enables you to work with the full knowledge of your abilities without worrying about anyone affirming your worth.
  • Be Organized – This doesn’t mean your house has to be clean, but rather that you’re able to set up an organizational method on how you will conduct your work that works for you. The great thing about working from home is that you get to choose your own methods for the most part. But, if you can’t create a method or follow someone else’s method on your own, you may have a lot of issues meeting deadlines and not being stressed.
  • Know When to Say No – Not only to others, but also to yourself. It’s very easy to end up working all the time when your home is also your office. You need to know when to call it quits for the day so that you can have some sort of work-life balance.

Working from home can be wonderful and horrible at the same time. If you need to have close relationships and physicality with others, then it may prove difficult for you. But some people thrive in a work-from-home environment. If you have these traits you should be able to do well working from home.

Work-from-Home Myths and Facts

There are a lot of myths perpetuated by some unscrupulous people about working from home. It’s important before you embark on a search for a work-from-home opportunity that you understand these myths so you can avoid falling into these traps.

1) “You can work anywhere whenever you want to”

While this sounds wonderful, and sometimes it’s true, for the most part you will have deadlines, and if you miss them you will lose the client. Therefore you must be aware of what your clients’ needs are. Plus, if you rely on the internet to work, be aware that sometimes the net goes down and you need to know what to do in a situation like that. You can buy a hotspot to help you connect to the internet, but at times that doesn’t work either. You need to always be prepared for these situations.

2) “You’ll never need childcare again”

It is true that you can find jobs and contract positions that enable you to work around your children’s naps, but if you can’t count on naptime, you may be in for some trouble working enough billable hours. You may need to hire someone to help you with your children or arrange to swap with your partner or another mom. You can also form a childcare co-op in which you all earn points when you swap childcare to “pay” for the childcare fairly.

3) “You can work only four hours a week and make a full-time living”

While there are some case studies of people who have eventually arranged their life in this manner, when you first start out you’ll need to work a lot of hours – maybe more than you ever have at a job. But, it will be worth it if you have goals, and are working toward building something amazing for you and your family.

4) “Not having to leave the house to work is always wonderful”

While it might seem like a dream right now, the truth is, many people who work from home actually start feeling a little claustrophobic after a while. It’s important to put a plan in place for this fact. Plan to go to live events, get outside and walk for a break, and stick to a work schedule so that you have plenty of free time.

5) “You can’t earn the same amount of money at home that you will at a job”

Actually, you can make much more working at home than you will at a job. The reason is that there are built-in savings in terms of travel, clothing and so forth. But, you can also make less if you’re not careful with making sure that you work enough billable hours. If you’re not self-motivated to put in the time, this can be a problem for some.

While these myths are common in the work-at-home arena, the fact is there is some truth in each myth. You can work when and where you want, if you plan in advance to make it work. However, you still need to work enough billable hours to meet your obligations. You can also choose who you work with, what services you perform, and much about your day, but you must put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into working from home. It is not the same as sitting on the beach all day. It is work. Earn Real Cash Doing What You Like To Do!

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Twelve Places to Look for Telecommuting Work

There are far too many places that hire work-at-home employees and contractors to list here, but these twelve places should get you started. Also, if you already have a job that you can envision becoming a work-from-home position, find a way to get your employer on board with letting you work from home. Ask to work from home a couple of days a week and be very productive on those days. Before you know it, you’ll be working from home.

American Express – If you have a flair for exceptional customer service, an aptitude for learning and natural curiosity, this role is for you. You will be assisting American Express Customers in booking travel plans. You will work from home using your own computer and phone. Paid Training, Medical, Dental and Retirement benefits.

American ExpressVirtual Customer Care Professional – Home Based Servicing If you have a flair for exceptional customer service, an aptitude for learning and natural curiosity, this role is for you. You will be Deliver extraordinary service on inbound calls in a fast-paced, structured customer care environment . You will work from home using your own computer and phone. Paid Training, Medical, Dental and Retirement benefits.

Teletech Jobs – Become an employee of this company and experience all the benefits of working for a company while working at home in the customer service arena.

Concentrix– You can work at home as an at-home calling agent as an employee with full benefits, yet still avoid the dress code and other issues with working outside of the home.

Amazon – Even a large company like Amazon hires virtual employees all the time. You can see some of the current job listings here.

Kelly Services – You can search for work-from-home jobs with Kelly Services, a temporary employment agency. While many of these jobs will indeed be temporary, some may lead to full time.

Aetna – A leading insurance company sometimes offers various telecommuting positions. Go to their website to browse the openings.

Cyber Dictate –   A legitimate company that hires mostly legal transcribers, but they occasionally have an opening for general transcribers.

UPWork – This is a freelancing website where you can bid on various posted jobs. You set your own rates.

FlexJobs – There is a charge for these postings, but you can see some of the postings and then go to the actual websites to find the listed job.

NTI Central – Helps place Americans with disabilities in work-at-home jobs. Most jobs are customer service, but occasionally they have other things such as transcription, quality assurance and tech.

Rat Race Rebellion – This website has an ever-growing list of legitimate work-from-home jobs and gigs that you can apply to. Be sure to apply at your own risk, though. Many are totally legitimate but some aren’t.

Zirtual – This is a US-based virtual assistant company. You can apply for and get positions and contracts via their website. Some people love them and others hate them, but they are legitimate.

The most common position that can transfer to working from home are medical and health insurance agents and representatives, customer service agents, sales force, computer and IT, administrative (virtual assistants), graphic design, training, education, and marketing.

How to Research Job Authenticity

Before applying at any of the above places, or any place that you find in another manner, it’s imperative that you understand how to know whether a job is authentic or not. Unfortunately, the words “work at home” or “work from home” are almost synonymous with scams. But, there are many legitimate jobs and freelance gigs that can enable you to work from home. You just need to know how to spot a scam. Here are signs that it is a scam and not a real job:

  • High Pay for Low Qualifications – This is one of the fastest ways to spot a scam. If they are offering a really high amount of money and say you need no experience or that you’ll work as a receptionist for 60K a year, it’s a scam.
  • They Want You to Pay Money – Keep in mind that you should not have to pay for a job; however, some business opportunities do require some form of investment. If it’s a job, and they want you to pay for information for getting the job, it’s a scam.
  • The Offer Came from Nowhere – If you get a job offer for a position you did not apply for, then it’s not a real offer. People don’t just send letters of an offer that you did not apply for.
  • Not Enough Information about the Job – If they say the job is so simple anyone can do it and it pays 90K a year for doing something that is very vague and not specific, then it’s a scam.
  • Emails with Obvious Mistakes – Many times scam job offers will be very unprofessional, having many language problems with errors in grammar, punctuation, and so forth.
  • Interviews via Messenger – Most legitimate job opportunities will want to conduct at least a telephone interview. They’re not going to interview you through chat.
  • Email Addresses are Free – Most legitimate businesses are not going to use a Gmail or Yahoo email address. They should have a real business email address for the company.
  • Wrong Email Addresses – Always double check a company’s email address. For example, there may be hyphens in the domain name that shouldn’t be there.
  • You Can’t Locate Information on the Business – Check the business out by doing a simple Google Search. If you cannot find enough information out about the business, it’s likely not a real business.
  • They Ask for Information They Don’t Need – No employer needs your banking information including pin numbers, account numbers, and so forth. While you may need to set up auto deposit for a real job, you never give out your pin numbers.
  • They Want You to Western Union Something – Any business that even brings up Western Union is more than likely a scam.
  • Pay for Strange Things – You don’t need to pay for computers, software, credit checks, or to improve your resume to get their job. If they want you to, there is no job.

If you have any doubts at all about an offer, then you are probably right. Normally a simple Google Search can alleviate any concerns, or verify them. Don’t hesitate to check up on anything you’re told when trying to find legitimate work-at-home jobs.

How to Tweak Your Resume so It’s Telecommuting Friendly

When you decide to start applying for telecommunicating jobs, you’ll need to improve your resume to make yourself stand out to potential employers. There are some ways that you can make your current resume work with just a few tweaks.

  • Highlight Technological Skills – If you are going to telecommute, you need to have certain technical skills such as understanding how to store information securely in the cloud, answer email, upload and download files, and more. Be sure to make it apparent that you can do all of this and more.
  • Find Ways to Prove Your Motivation – You want to prove through your resume that you are self-motivated to get work done without having a supervisor stand over you. A good way to do that is to highlight something you’ve done that you did not have to do, such as organize a fundraiser with a silent auction in which you had to solicit donations.
  • Focus on Skills over Experience – Many skills that you use today in your job can still be used in a telecommuting job. You just need to identify which they are and focus on them in your resume.
  • Demonstrate How Trustworthy You Are – It can be difficult for an employer to know who they can trust enough to hire in a telecommuting position. If you can find ways to show how trustworthy you are, even having been a “key holder” for a bricks and mortar business can show them you can be trusted.
  • Ditch the Objective – You don’t want your object for any job to be to telecommute. Your objective should be to solve your employer’s problem. But, the best course of action is to drop the objective on your resume.

Your resume is a snapshot of yourself and what you can do for the employer. Your job is to set their mind at ease, make them trust you, and to eventually hire you to work for them from a distance. To do that, answer any questions they may have about your abilities to do the job in your resume and cover letter. But, don’t make the words “telecommute” or the idea of telecommuting becomes the focal point of your resume. The focus of any resume is to show through your experience and education that you can do the job.

Five Things to Do before You Apply for the Job

Before you even think about applying for telecommuting jobs, it’s important to give some thought to what you really want, whether you’re cut out to work from home or not, and the following five things. This will really help you improve your chances of getting job offers.

Research the Company

You can start your research on any company with a simple Google Search. Not only can you determine whether or not the company is real and the offer is legitimate, you can also learn about the things the owners value so you can emphasize them in your resume and application.

Learn about the Job

Find out everything you can about the job so that you can frame your resume in terms of that job. You don’t want your resume to seem generic. It should come off as if this job you’re applying for is your dream job.

Understand the Expectations

Be sure that you know what the expectations are of the job and the position. This will show in your cover letter in how you relate your experience to the particular job that you’re applying to. If you’ve not done your homework, your application will feel incomplete to the reviewer.

Ensure That Your Skills Match the Jobs You Apply For

Don’t apply for jobs that you don’t have the skills to do. This is especially important with telecommuting jobs because there won’t be anyone to fully train you or to mentor you. Make sure that you know you can figure out how to do it mostly on your own.

Update and Improve All Your Social Media Profiles

When it comes to most jobs today, employers will look you up on social media sites, especially websites like LinkedIn. Update and improve your social media profile to highlight the positive facts about you. A great thing to do is add a video to your profile. It gives potential employers a chance to get to know you.

When applying for telecommuting jobs, you’re applying for a job. The location is almost irrelevant. What is important is that you can use your resume and these actions to ensure that the people who look at your job application feel as if they can trust you. You can do that by demonstrating that you understand the job requirements and only apply for jobs that match your skills. Plus, you want to also trust them and ensure their legitimacy through your research.

Five Common At-Home Job Interview Mistakes

Once you find real jobs to apply for, it’s time to ensure that you do well on your interview. Many people who interview for at-home jobs make serious mistakes that make them lose out on a job. You can avoid them if you know what the most common mistakes are.

Not Practicing Answering Questions

You can find a list of questions online that are most common for interviewers to ask on phone interviews. Taking time to answer the questions to yourself will help you make the most of these questions. You should be able to answer them easily. Even if the practice questions aren’t exactly the same, the process of doing this will help.

Not Studying Information about the Company

Most people realize that they need to learn about a company when they are going to interview in person, but a lot of people who are applying for telecommuting jobs forget this. Just because you’re going to be telecommuting and working from home does not mean that anything is different. Only your location is different.

Not Being Ready with Your Own Questions

Remember that interviews are also there for you to judge whether or not you want to work with them. Take the opportunity to ask intelligent questions about the company, the position, and other factors relating to the job so that you know that you understand it and can determine if it’s a good job for you.

Not Updating and Improving Your Social Media Profiles

We live in an online world today with information at our fingertips about companies. The same thing has happened with individuals. It’s worth mentioning again that the company can and will search for you on social media. This is why it’s important to be careful what you put on social media for the world to see. But, it’s also a good time to update your profiles.

Not Getting All the Facts during the Process

The interview is the time to ask about salary information. If the interviewer wants to know what your expectations are for pay, you should talk about it. As mentioned before, the interview is for both parties to find out if the relationship will work. It’s about all aspects of your experience, the job, the benefits, pay and so forth. It’s absolutely the right thing to talk about from the beginning.

Going through the interview prepared will help you do better during the interview. Plus doing better will help you find out if the job is really for you. If you truly understand that what’s appropriate for a telecommuting job interview is the same thing that is appropriate for an in-person job interview, you’ll feel more comfortable and prepared.

How Much Do You Really Need to Earn?

Some telecommuting jobs are real jobs with real benefits. Some are contract jobs in which you are considered a business owner. You need to understand how this works so that you can be sure to get paid a fair amount.

With a telecommuting job where you are an employee, you will get a normal wage with tax withholding. You should get paid the going rate in the area you live, not the area the company is, and you should know exactly what the rate is and what the benefits are.

While you will not have expenses related to travel and clothing for a telecommuting job, you will have expenses related to a home office, extra utilities, and perhaps phone bills. Keep all that in mind as you negotiate your salary so that you don’t take too little money just because you don’t have certain expenses.

With a contract position you will be responsible for your own self-employment taxes, plus health insurance, retirement savings and so forth. It’s imperative that you consider this as you negotiate your salary. For example, a company that hires you full time as an employee might only be paying you $15.00 per hour, but once you factor in benefits and other taxes, that $15.00 could become more like $20.00 per hour.

Before you even start searching for jobs it is important to determine how much you need to earn. One way to do that is to start with your expenses. Write down how much you will spend each month on food, rent, utilities, etc… then multiply that by 12. That’s how much you need to make yearly just to meet your obligations.

Now, figure out how much you need for extras, and add that to your yearly amount that you need to earn. Determine how many hours you can work each week and multiply that by 50 to give yourself a two-week vacation. Next, divide the hours into your yearly salary needs and that will let you know how much you need to earn hourly.

Being an employee and a contractor is very different, whether or not you are working from home. As an employee you’ll get paid for every moment you’re working for the company. As a contractor you only get paid when you’re doing something directly for the company. However, sometimes you’ll do unbillable activity such as bookkeeping, filing and so forth that cannot be related to the company. It’s important to keep that in mind as you negotiate a salary.

What to Expect When Searching for a Work-at-Home Job

When you begin your search for a work-at-home job you’ll still need a resume, a portfolio and perhaps even a website. You’ll need to conduct a lot of research to ensure that you apply for legitimate jobs and understand the process enough so that you don’t give away your private information to the wrong people.

  • Expect to See Low Paying Jobs – A lot of jobs you find online for work-at-home positions offer very low pay. However, you need to understand that you don’t have to take low-paying job if you don’t want to. Only apply for jobs offering the salary you feel is fair. There are so many jobs that you will likely find something you think is fair. But the online area is truly a world market. In some areas of the world $5.00 an hour is a lot of money.
  • Be Prepared to Find Scams – Don’t be too disturbed about the scams you will find. Just do your due diligence so that you do not apply for a spam job. Do not allow money to cloud your judgement. If it sounds too good, it is. Move on.
  • Treat Your Applications Seriously – Sometimes people take shortcuts online. They send poorly written cover letters, or don’t send one at all. They don’t follow the directions for the jobs they apply for and more. You need to take each application as seriously as you would an out of the home job if you want to be successful.
  • You Need to Be Prepared – Research any job you get an interview for just like you would a regular job. They will ask you questions and expect you to know the answers. In fact, you’re going to need to be even more proactive and self-motivated for an at-home job than a regular job.
  • You’ll Need to Interview – After you send in your resume and information, if chosen you’ll likely need to do an interview. Sometimes this will be by phone and other times by Skype or other online method. It will be just like any other interview and will help you both assess whether it’s the right fit.

Searching for and applying for work-at-home jobs is not really any different from standard jobs other than the risk factor of accidentally applying for jobs that are not real. But, if you do your due diligence, research each company prior to applying and take it seriously, you’ll be on your way to an excellent career in no time.

Best Practices for Working from Home

Working from home requires a little more organizational skills than going into a job with an office, desk, computer, and all that comes with working in a business. You’ll need to supply all of the technology, provide technology support for yourself, as well as the self-discipline necessary to get the job done each day. No one is going to be looking over your shoulder to ensure that you get anything done or to make you work.

  • Find the Right Fit – Don’t just take any job that comes along. Take a job that you want to do and like to do and have the skills to do. It’s important that you understand who your ideal job is, what you want to do for them and stick to that. Otherwise no one will be happy and honestly, you will not do your best work.
  • Set Up an Office Area – Even if you do not have the ability to set up a dedicated office, at least set up an area that is organized for working. Multitasking is not really a good thing after all, studies show. Therefore, set up an area where you can focus 100 percent on work when you are working.
  • Set Up Systems – Whether it’s a physical filing system or an online project management system doesn’t matter. You need systems and processes, and an understanding of how to follow them. You’ll be more productive; you’ll reduce roadblocks and set yourself up for success. Even if you just use Google Calendar and sync it with your phone and schedule everything, you’ll be able to keep up better.
  • Ask for Feedback – Sometimes working from home can be isolating, but if you regularly ask for feedback from the people you work with, you’ll be able to stay on top of things and improve. Remind your employer or the company you’re contracting with what you are doing. It keeps you on their mind.
  • Work a Regular Schedule – It’s so easy to work all the time when you work from home. You want to set up a regular work schedule so that you don’t feel as if you’re working all of the time. The opposite can happen too if you don’t schedule your work and personal life. Each can encroach on the other, making it hard to do either well.
  • Exercise and Eat Right – That might seem like strange advice, but if you do this you’ll work smarter instead of feeling run down, sick and tired, and unbalanced. You must fit all parts of your life into your day, and it’s harder when there is not a clear delineation of work versus home life.
  • Keep at It – When working from home, the best thing you have at your advantage for making it work is your persistence for doing it. If you keep going, working toward the goals you’ve set for yourself each and every day, you will be successful. Don’t give up even when it feels hard, and you’ll experience success.
  • Celebrate Jobs Well Done – When you work for yourself, you don’t often get kudos from your co-workers like you might at a traditional job, but you should celebrate your milestones and accomplishments yourself. Take yourself and family out to dinner for meeting a goal at work, or for getting new clients if you work as a freelancer.

Working from home is not for everyone, but if you believe it is something you want to do, don’t allow the fear of scams or any roadblocks to prevent you from realizing your dream. Research every company you want to apply to, send in serious applications, follow up, and keep learning so that you can make your work-from-home job or contract position last a long time.

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Where can I get a Job Fast?

Job is a significant factor and life without work is impossible. With a job, you can do everything, either fulfil your desires or family needs but the most imperative one is you eventually attain social status, self-respect, and confidence which makes you feel the part of society.

You need a job Asap, Right? Maybe your employer handed you a pink slip and now you are unable to go without a paycheck. Or you don’t like the workplace and can’t stand any longer. So, whatever the reason, you are in need of a job, and you really need it fast. The best way to get a job fast is to pay attention to your application process and be prepared.

The main question remains! Where can you get a good job fast? At 7 Day job Inc., we are going to tell you about 7 global companies that hire within a week or less.

We all know that one of horrible parts of the job hunt is the post-interview waiting. You have spent hours inscribing cover letters, preparing for interviews, exploring different companies/organizations, and fine-tuning your curriculum vitae, but after the interview, the waiting time feels like it is taking the longest.

Many firms take months to notify the potential candidates if they have got the employment. Also, waiting around for the reply is extremely daunting, particularly if you are trying to shifting to a new town or just pay your bills. This feels so awkward and exhausting! Isn’t it? But don’t worry, we have got some good news for you. There are some companies where you can find work fast – within 7 days to be exact.

The following great companies are well-known for hiring within 7 days or less. Therefore, you will definitely be considering to send in your CV if you need to find a job fast.

  1. Amerit Fleet Solutions (Walnut Creek California, United States)

Amerit Fleet has built its reputation over the years for being the most hard-working, trustworthy and dependable partner through their sole focus on doing just one thing, Fleet repair and maintenance services. Their renowned reliability, responsiveness, customized service programs, and professionalism are based on their core values of integrity and partnership. So much so, coupled with their unrelenting drive and enthusiasm to do whatever it takes to keep their customers’ fleets rolling.

This company offers the fastest way to get a job. Get an appointment, meet the HR managers, and if you are skilful and can fulfil their requirements, they will hire you on the spot. Likewise, it is incredibly easy to discuss potential job opportunities. You will find them kind and very easy going. So, once they offer you the job, you just need to come back with the required documents and begin the process of on-boarding.

  • SSM Health (Saint Louis Missouri, United States)

At SSM Health, the hiring process goes fast and smoothly from start to finish. The Human Resource Department at SSM Health carries out a fast process that includes a phone screening, in-person interviews, and assessment. You will find all SSM HR employees very friendly and helpful.

  • Sunrise Senior Living (McLean Virginia, United States)

Here, the interview process is very efficient and quick. The HR Department knows exactly what they are looking for and what they need. If you apply for a job at Sunrise Senior Living, you will find them very transparent with how the company operates and are very willing to offer you great opportunities.

  • Young Men’s Christian Association (Geneva, Switzerland)

Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) is a community-focused non-profit organization founded in 1844 at London. The company headquarter is located in Geneva, Switzerland. This not-for-profit organization offers children care, camps, sports and recreation, health and fitness programs.

Here, you will have enjoyable and fairly easy interviews. According to, you won’t feel nervous because the supervisor or interviewer speaks gently. Surely, they will ask you different questions related to your job. Just make a better impression and get a job fast!

  • RSM International (London, United Kingdom)

This is a global network of accounting firms that form the 5th largest professional accountancy network in the world. If you are seeking an accounting related job, you will be amazed that RSM hires quickly with an extremely welcoming approach. The HR department will absolutely love to see your engagement and passion on campus, like club involvement. We recommend you to get well-prepared beforehand.

  • WBB Consulting (Reston Virginia, United States)

WBB Consulting is a company that offers engineering and information technology jobs. Here, the interview process is a little extensive. You may have three interviews within a few days with three different hiring managers of the company. You don’t need to prepare for hard interview questions because they mostly ask you about your past work experience and environment. If you passed the three-stage interview process, then you don’t need to wait longer. They will hire you immediately!

  • Glassdoor (Chicago, London, San Francisco)

Glassdoor offers different roles such as HR Partner, Account Executive, Account Manager, and Senior Manager of Business Operations, Customer Success Manager, and Product Manager Etc. You can apply on their website if you are looking to get hired in any of these roles. They will review your application within a couple of days and call you for the interview based on your eligibility.

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