Canada Today: Border Anxiety, Homelessness and Prehistoric Life
And in Sports, Mr. Patriquin offered his views on why coaches of the N.H.L.’s Montreal Canadiens “must speak the language of Molière and Daft Punk.” Here are some articles from The Times over the last week, not necessarily related to Canada and perhaps overlooked,
that I found interesting: — Henry Rousso, a French historian who is one of the leading scholars on the Holocaust, was detained by United States border officials in Houston for more than 10 hours.
Toronto said that Cycle touring is seeing a resurgence right now
and this trail is just the right thing to get people who may be somewhat nervous about riding the roadways out and exploring.
Andrew M. Cuomo of New York to link New York City by trail to two points along the Canadian border, many of you were swift to respond.
What struck me most was the homeless people themselves, or people “experiencing homelessness,”
as social workers prefer to say, reminding us that homelessness is not an identity.
Several of my regular riders told me — most notably a close friend, a Moroccan-born Muslim —
that they would not cross the U.S. border until they felt safe doing so.” Model Speaking to Congress this week, President Trump held up Canada’s merit-based immigration system as a model for the United States.
“Ending homelessness,” in this case, simply meant reaching a goal set in the city’s plan — connecting with
homeless people within 10 days of their being identified, but not necessarily solving their problem.

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