California – a famous family holiday destination. A vacation in California can be made both enjoyable and memorable by consulting our travel guide. This travel guide accommodates the needs of both the tourist, as well as the travelling businessman. Using our travel guide to plan your visit to California will make your trip much less costly. Situated on the west coast of the United States of America, California is one of the largest states in the country. It is also one of the most popular travel destinations worldwide. The entire family can enjoy a good vacation in California as it has something to suit the tastes and needs of every person. One of the best and most popular national parks in the United States is the Yosemite National Park situated in California. The Napa valley contains many beautiful vineyards. This area is as suited to romantics as it is to families. Every city in the state has some chief attraction. Los Angeles has Hollywood, and San Diego has its surfing, San Francisco is famous for its hippies and Monterey is famous for its cheese. People interested in bird watching should make sure that they visit Big Sur. Many people come to California to visit the beaches. These beaches are perfect for the honeymoon couples, families on vacation, and people looking for adventure sports. There are many different adventure sports for tourists, which all help to make your Californian vacation the perfect experience. One of the most famous beaches in California is the High Bluff beach, and new port beach is becoming equally famous. Though new port beach has many interesting activities for people of all ages and interests, there are still many tourists who are unaware of its existence. The more elite frequents Wilson Creek beach. Enderts beach is small, but visitors enjoy the peaceful surroundings while sunbathing and swimming there. A vacation in California can be a really wonderful and …

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